Marble in sedimentary form begins as dolomite or limestone. It must then be subjected to very high pressure and heat.

Marble contains calcium carbonate, which is a very soft mineral. 

Marble is considered the luxurious classic of stone, and has been in use as a countertop surface for well over 2000 years.  You can use marble as a kitchen surface, however, there are several challenges you will have to face if marble is a must have in your space.

Problems such as Chipping, Etching, Stains, Scratches, and maintenance all come with the stone. 

It does have the classic elegance look of the white and grey. Marble is available in a variety of Colors, Patterns and Textures.


With the challenges of marble we do not necessarily recommend its use in kitchens, nonetheless, if your design and heart are set on it, we always suggest a matte or also known as a honed flat finish.  In a matte finish, it is already etched and less prone to it.  Although you must accept the fact that regardless, it will require a high degree of maintenance and even so will be prone to all of the above problems noted. As you will see in some of the pictures below of jobs that we have completed, marble can be used in a Kitchen.  You should also check out our monthly specials featuring SUPER WHITE Marble for a Kitchen. 

Marble is a bit more applicable in a bathroom space as it will not be exposed to as many staining and etching chemicals.

Carrara Marble Kitchen Countertop
Calacatta Marble Island with waterfall side panels
Statuario Marble Wall Panels
Graphite Grey Marble Carved Wall Panels
Tundra Grey Marble Tile
Tundra Grey Marble Tile and Nero Marquino Marble
Calacatta Lincoln Marble